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Whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, having your own pool at home is something that tons of Americans aspire to. In this post, we list down 5 reasons why it’s best to skip the dip in the community pool and invest in a backyard pool of your own.

Open 24/7

Owning a backyard pool is the best option  when you want access to the water anytime, any day. It’s especially great if you work long, erratic hours and you’re never sure when you’ll get a chance to go for a dip.

Safe and Clear Waters

In 2013, the CDC found at least one serious health and safety violation in almost 80% of public aquatic venues. When you invest in your own pool, you take charge of maintenance. The upkeep of a swimming pool is easy once you know the basics. Read our previous post about pool maintenance here.

Convenient Swimming Parties

You instantly become the go-to person for simple get-togethers when you own a pool. While a party at the public pool with your friends and relatives involves planning and scheduling, having people over at home is often as easy as sending a text blast.

Fitness Benefits

There are tons of exercises you can do in a pool that don’t even involve swimming. Pool activities are low impact and give you a good workout. Having your own pool encourages everyone to have a healthier lifestyle.

The Privacy of Your Own Home

The best part about having your own personal pool is that you can totally be yourself and feel secure. There’s no dress code, no gawkers on the side lines, and no rowdy kids (unless you invite them yourself).

So instead of going to a public pool for your next vacation or celebration, why not bring all the pool fun and relaxation in your own home. With the numerous benefits listed here, and more, getting a backyard pool may be one of the best decisions you’ll make for you and your family.

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From bridal showers to mother’s day, there are lots of pool party ideas for women out there, but you would be hard pressed to find party planning ideas for men. Well, the guys here at Backyard Ocean felt a bit left out, so we decided to write a post about a pool party just for us. Here are our 5 tips to hosting an awesome pool party for the guys.

Know your Guys

Men aren’t all about football and cars, so hosting an awesome pool party for the guys should start with some knowledge of your partner, relative, or friend. What is his idea of a fun party? Would he want a large party with lots of friends or an intimate one with family?  From a casino-themed pool party to a 1920s  speakeasy party, there are lots of options to choose from. If you’re unsure, it’s time to start asking!

Add Whimsy and Humor

Guys love a bit of a laugh — sometimes even at our expense! If your guy is the same, take cues from his favorite hobbies and interests. A little pool prank, a pun-ny shirt from his beloved sports team, or a witty message on his cake is sure to be appreciated. Nothing shows love, care, and intimacy more than a bit of humor.

Eliminate Distractions

From working overtime to fixing faulty plumbing, men can have a lot on their minds. If you’re hosting an awesome pool party for your husband, make sure he is worry-free on that day. Take the kids to grandma’s house, unplug the phone, and make sure he doesn’t help with any of the party prep. If you can find a way, make sure his friends are distraction-free too; confiscate their phones if you must!

Mix Surprises in with the Classics

Light and crisp Gourmet Italian Pizza for the guys! Photo from Celebrations at Home.

Light and crisp Gourmet Italian Pizza for the guys! Photo from Celebrations at Home.

Never be afraid to give new things a try when it comes to the man of the house. This gourmet Italian pizza is leaps and bounds above what you’ll get in a box, and it’s not that hard to make! If your man is a Bud Light type of guy, surprise him with a beer tasting bar.  A simple twist on his favorite poolside snack or beverage could make his day extra special.

A Little Competition Never Hurts

We want to avoid clichés about men but there’s no denying that we like to compete. A friendly game of poker or a full-on volleyball pool game is just what your man needs to complete his party.

At the end of the day, any party is a good party for us, but these 5 easy tips to hosting an awesome pool party for the guys from the team at Backyard Ocean should make everything a lot easier to plan. What tips did you find most useful? Have any tips you want to share? Please send us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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A birthday party is an amazing time for kids. Once a year, your home is transformed into a magical place where flying carpets and princesses become a reality. If you’re looking for a new twist on swimming pool parties, Backyard Ocean’s here to help. Here are four pool party themes that your kids are sure to enjoy.

Carnival Celebration

Come one, Come all! Awesome Carnival Party Spread from Kara's Party Ideas.

Come one, Come all! Learn more about this awesome Carnival Party Spread by visiting Kara’s Party Ideas. Photo by Kara’s Party Ideas.


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Having your very own swimming pool at home is definitely a treat, but when the hot sun combines with the exertion of swimming, you’ll find that your guests by the pool will be the hungriest. Fortunately, filling, healthy summer snacks can be quite easy to prepare.

This post features a number of pool party snack ideas that will help keep everyone’s energy levels up at your pool party. (more…)

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In-ground swimming pools are mostly covered and left alone when the temperature starts to drop, but why should they be? You can get the most of your investment by turning your pool into an ice rink during the winter season. Play pick-up hockey games and glide across your pool with this guide from Backyard Ocean.

Turn your in ground pool into an ice rink!

Have fun in your backyard with your own ice rink!


1. Winterize your pool.

First of all, you’ll need to winterize your pipes and equipment since harsh weather conditions and sudden drops in temperature can damage your pool. For a guide to winterizing your pool, follow this Backyard Ocean tutorial. Next, drop the pool water level about 20 inches below the molding edge to protect it from damage.


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