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In-ground swimming pools are mostly covered and left alone when the temperature starts to drop, but why should they be? You can get the most of your investment by turning your pool into an ice rink during the winter season. Play pick-up hockey games and glide across your pool with this guide from Backyard Ocean.

Turn your in ground pool into an ice rink!

Have fun in your backyard with your own ice rink!


1. Winterize your pool.

First of all, you’ll need to winterize your pipes and equipment since harsh weather conditions and sudden drops in temperature can damage your pool. For a guide to winterizing your pool, follow this Backyard Ocean tutorial. Next, drop the pool water level about 20 inches below the molding edge to protect it from damage.


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A crystal clear pool shimmering in the backyard is always a relaxing sight. To make the most out of your pool, we suggest sprucing it up a bit. Dull swimming pools usually look uninviting, and tend to lose their calming qualities.

Decorating and incorporating an above ground pool into your yard design may seem daunting, but it actually doesn’t take too much effort to accomplish. Try some of our easy to follow pool decorating ideas, and you’ll have your pool chill-ready in no time!

Install a Pool Deck

An easy swimming pool access using a durable pool deck.

Pool decks create an easy swimming pool access point.

A common way to add both character and easy access to your aboveground pool is to install a pre-made deck. There are now a number of pool deck types that address comfort, design, and durability.  You can choose from wood, aluminum, resin, composite, and stone as your primary material. (more…)

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One of the best ways to relax is to spend some time relaxing in your swimming pool. After a day on your feet or beating deadlines, taking a dip can be a great way to unwind and freshen up. One of the biggest challenges though is building up the courage to jump in, especially when the water is really cold! Having a pool with an perfect temperature is key to having a relaxing time in it.

With a few tweaks to your pool and the immediate surroundings, you can ensure the water is not ice cold. Here are Backyard Ocean’s tips to help you raise the temperature and allure of your pool.

A warm pool enjoyed by a family.

Enjoy warm waters all year round with these tips from Backyard Ocean.

1.) Expose the pool water to the sun

A mess-free pool exposed to the sun.

Keep your pool clutter-free so that the sun could heat it up.

An efficient way to warm the water is to let the sun do all work. Shadows cast by umbrellas, canopies, or overhanging trees will lessen the sun’s ability to warm the water. To minimize shadows, carefully observe which items in the area cast the longest shadows, and move them as far away from the pool as possible. Keep the surrounding area as clutter-free as possible. The more water the sun touches, the faster the overall temperature will rise.  (more…)

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Bring cheer and show your gratitude to friends and relatives who own swimming pools this Christmas using Backyard Ocean’s wonderful gift guide! Here are several add-ons and accessories that pool lovers will appreciate this holiday season.

a clean and pristine pool

Friends with pools will appreciate any of these gift ideas this Christmas season


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Summer has finally come to a close. One of the mistakes that pool owners make at the end of summer is that they completely ignore the needs of their pools during the change of season. What they don’t know is that the cold months ahead can cause significant damage to their units and accessories. Make sure your in-ground or above-ground pool is safe this fall with this quick and no-fuss guide from Backyard Ocean:

Autumn and Your Pool
Photo by Amy Altheia Cahill via flickr. CC-BY-ND-2.0.


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