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Recycling Old Swimsuits

Posted by Backyard Ocean in Good Advice

Most swimwear is made from polyester or spandex, which are excellent and long-lasting materials. Their longevity makes these materials ideal for reusing and recycling. In fact, many craftworks and projects are made from recycled swimsuit fabric, with some making their way to thrift stores and flea markets.

Recycling old swimsuit fabric can be fun and exciting. If you’re looking to dispose of your swimsuit, consider these suggestions from Backyard Ocean.

Cut Them Up

For older swimsuits and those that you think won’t get good use anymore, cutting up the fabric can be a practical solution. Follow these tips to see what you can do with cut-up swimsuit fabric.

  • Create strips or swatches that you can add as accents to old clothes or accessories, such as old jeans and shirts. Check out this tutorial for full instructions.
  • Use the cut-up fabric as stuffing for quilts.
  • Use strips as ribbons, instead of buying new ones.
  • Use the cut-up fabric as jar tops or covers, like in this how-to.
  • Use cut-up strips as elastic bands for organization.

Sew Them up

If you’re feeling a bit creative, a little needlework can help you design useful items from old swimsuit fabric. Check out the suggestions below for a few ideas.

  • Create a waterproof outdoor gear bag by trimming the bottom off of a girl’s or woman’s swimsuit.
  • Create stress balls with old bathing suit material.
  • Strip them and sew them up again to fashion up new swimsuit or clothing designs.
  • Use them as patches for quilts.
  • Turn old swimsuits into bean bags and toys for your kids.

Pass Them on

For old swimsuits too worn out to wear, donate them to local community organizations where they can be reused for arts and crafts projects. Check out the suggestions below to know more about donating your old swimsuits.

  • Donate old swimsuits to your local sewing circles or quilting groups to help them save money on fabric.
  • Donate old swimsuits to schools for use in their art classes.
  • Donate old swimsuits to cause groups, charities, and shelters.

Old swimsuits need not be a complete waste. As with anything, they are recyclable in many different ways. Do you have any more ideas to add to this list? Share them with us in the comments!

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