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Backyard Ocean’s Fun Christmas Party Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

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One of the most exciting things during the holiday season is to gather friends and family and throw a Christmas party. Here are several fun and unique Christmas party ideas that will make the event more memorable:

family and friends enjoying a fun Christmas party

Christmas parties are must haves during the holiday season

1.)  Christmas Cookie and Pie Party for Kids

Children are especially fond of the holidays so why not throw them their very own party. A cookie and pie party will be the highlight of their Christmas. Tell your kids to invite classmates and close friends in the neighborhood. Decorate rooms with colorful and festive trimmings featuring Santa Claus and his reindeers, his elves and Frosty the Snowman.

delicious and cool peppermint chocolate cookies

delicious and cool peppermint chocolate cookies

Prepare many yummy treats. Bring out sodas and juices and serve a lot of cookie options, such as Joy of Baking’s gingerbread cookies, A Spicy Perspective’s chewy oatmeal cookies with cinnamonMinimalist Baker’s chewy double chocolate peppermint cookies, and Tablespoon’s Santa cookies. For pies, try out  Epicurious’ deep dish winter fruit pie, Eat Live Run’s black bottom pie, and Being the Secret Ingredient’s honey walnut pie. Kids and kids at heart will definitely have a blast with this simple, and delightful celebration.

2.)  Christmas Karaoke Night

a fun and exciting karaoke Christmas party

a fun and exciting karaoke Christmas party

Caroling has been a timeless tradition during this season. Take it a notch higher by throwing a karaoke party. Book a singing room at a bar or even rent a karaoke system for your home. Make sure there are a lot of chips, appetizers and drinks. Sing the night away with classic Christmas songs and pop renditions of your holiday favorites. Serve a few cocktails to get guests to loosen up.

3.)  Holiday Movie Party

Are you looking for something cozier? Then go plan a quiet holiday movie night. Invite some close friends over and tell them to bring their kids. Make a lot of popcorn and serve everyone’s favorite candies and chocolate bars. Order a couple of cheese and pepperoni pizzas and serve a few drinks. Make sure to have a selection of beloved holiday movies, such as A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Santa Clause, A Christmas Story and A Miracle on 5th Street. Parents will have a great time reliving the films they fell in love with when they were kids and they will especially enjoy introducing these classics to the next generation.

4.)  Open House and Potluck Party

For anyone who wants to have a spontaneous but unforgettable affair, have an open house and potluck party. Invite your friends and neighbors to come over. Tell them to bring food and drinks. Bring out paper plates, cups, and utensils. Crank up the music. Turn on all your lights and your decorations. Welcome everyone in and have a great time with this unplanned but remarkable get-together.

5.)  Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

people laughing over their funny Christmas sweaters

people laughing over their funny Christmas sweaters

Does anyone remember those terribly horrid Christmas sweaters that everyone has and no one wants to wear? Use that as an inspiration for an exceptional and humorous Christmas party. Invite all your friends for a simple dinner at home but tell them to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater. During the festivities, take many pictures, be wacky, and just laugh the night away. This is a guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face for years to come.

Enjoy your holiday celebrations with any of these themes courtesy of the Backyard Ocean blog!

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