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Poolside Story: Excellent Design Ideas for Your Above-Ground Pool

Posted by Clint Borrill in Good Advice | Pool Fun

Above-ground pools are more than just water tanks that are used for a quick dip or the occasional swimming party. They can be integrated into a complete backyard setting. With a few alterations, they can become a place where you want to spend time, not only swimming but also relaxing and just enjoying the outdoor space. Here are some simple, easy, and wallet-friendly ideas that will turn your pool area into a space everyone can hang out in:

1.) Install a Customized Deck

Mounting a custom deck benefits your above-ground pool since it raises the aesthetic quality of your outdoor area. First, users won’t have the need for ladders or steps to enter the pool itself. This provides easier access for everyone. Second, it creates a “pool side” space perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. Finally, it provides a great spot for barbecues, cookouts. and dinners with family and friends. All you need is a table and a few outdoor chairs.

One of the best choices for a deck is a wooden platform. It’s sturdy and can easily be crafted by a carpenter or even by yourself. The rustic addition of a wooden porch often complements the natural setting of your garden.

2.) Surround it With Plant Life

Surrounding your customized deck with plants creates an even more natural setting. Potted plants, such as ficus trees and peace lilies, provide color and a fresh atmosphere. Shrubs and even tall palm trees placed near the perimeter of your deck make the area look exotic.

One thing to remember is that plants require a little bit of maintenance. So, don’t forget to give them fresh water regularly and trim them every few months to maintain their healthy appearance.

3.) Add Tables, Chairs and Rustic Ornaments

Your deck can also double as a patio or a porch. A wooden table and chairs a couple of feet from the pool make it an inviting space. These additions make it possible for you to have lunches and mid-afternoon snacks with guests and visiting family members.

You can push the patio idea further by adding adornments that go well with the deck’s material. Hand-woven baskets against the railings bring a nice countryside touch to your surroundings. Adding an antique trunk or even a small cabinet can also double as a lovely storage space for filters, floaters and other pool accessories.

4.) Lounge Under a Sun Shade

Enjoy your pool deck during a hot summer day by adding some shade. A canopy is great protection from the sun and is perfect for afternoon naps or when you’re reading a book.  You can also buy something as durable and as versatile as our Market Umbrella. Stylish and elegant, it easily complements both traditional and modern décor.

If you are willing to make an investment, hire a carpenter to build you a roof over your deck. This gives owners a unique opportunity to create another marvelous addition to their homes.

5.) Brighten Up Your Pool Area

Make your pool area accessible at night by adding some light. Hang lanterns or even s or even Backyard Ocean’s Solar Fence Light and Bracket on the perimeter of your deck to highlight on the perimeter of your deck to highlight it and the sparkling waters of your pool.

For the more adventurous folks, you can also hang unused Christmas lights on your railings. They provide the perfect addition for evening parties under the stars.

Bring your above-ground pool to stylish new heights and make your outdoor space more attractive with these wonderful design ideas.

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