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Recycling Old Swimsuits

Posted by Backyard Ocean Editors in Good Advice

Swimwear is made from excellent and long-lasting material that’s strong enough to withstand wear and tear. Most swimsuits are made from polyester or spandex, which doesn’t exactly place them in an environment-friendly aspect. Thankfully, this material can be recycled in a variety of ways.

Recycling old swimsuit fabric is fun and exciting. In fact, there are many products sold in flea markets or thrift stalls that make use of swimsuit fabric for craftworks and projects. If you’re looking to dispose of your swimsuit, consider these suggestions.

Cut them into strips 

  • Patch up old jeans or clothing with strips or swatches of swimsuit material.
  • Additionally, these can be good stuffing for quilts.
  • Instead of buying ribbons for wrapping gifts, use these strips as a ribbon.
  • Use the fabric as tops and covers for jars.

Sew them up

  • Create stress balls with old bathing suit material.
  • Strip them and sew them up again to fashion up new swimsuit designs.
  • Use them as patches for quilts.
  • Turn old swimsuits into bean bags and toys for your kids to play with.

Pass them on

  • When swimsuits are too worn for wearing, the best option would be to donate them to your local sewing circles or quilting groups. These donations help them in that they get to save money from having to go out and buy fabrics for their quilts.
  • Certain school also used cut-up swimsuit fabrics in their art classes. It helps them save on art materials and at the same time encourages kids to get creative with fashioning art out of recyclable materials.

Old swimsuits need not be a complete waste. As with anything, they are recyclable in many different ways. Most importantly, you get to conserve energy and save the environment.

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