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Having dogs around is a common set up in a fun-loving household. In most cases, their presence becomes vital to a person’s well-being and sense of responsibility, and they are considered to be beloved family members for a reason.

During hot summer days, our furry friends tend to lose heat more than humans do and thus, are more prone to heat-related illnesses. Swimming in the backyard pool is a great way for them to cool off while having fun at the same time. While dogs are natural born swimmers, like humans, they also require safety precautions.


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A dip in your inflatable pool is a brilliant idea, especially after a long day. Finding a hole in the pool, however, can be a major bust on what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing experience. Here are the steps you can follow when trying to patch up that hole in your pool: (more…)

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An important part of pool ownership is regular maintenance. Pool cleaning ensures your pool remains swimmable throughout the summer and can also keep repair costs to a minimum. Even for experienced owners, however, maintaining a swimming pool can be overwhelming without a little help. So, we looked at the best-rated pool maintenance apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that can make this essential task easier.

Here are Backyard Ocean’s five best pool maintenance apps available for your smartphone or tablet. (more…)

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Whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, having your own pool at home is something that tons of Americans aspire to. In this post, we list down 5 reasons why it’s best to skip the dip in the community pool and invest in a backyard pool of your own.

Open 24/7

Owning a backyard pool is the best option  when you want access to the water anytime, any day. It’s especially great if you work long, erratic hours and you’re never sure when you’ll get a chance to go for a dip.

Safe and Clear Waters

In 2013, the CDC found at least one serious health and safety violation in almost 80% of public aquatic venues. When you invest in your own pool, you take charge of maintenance. The upkeep of a swimming pool is easy once you know the basics. Read our previous post about pool maintenance here.

Convenient Swimming Parties

You instantly become the go-to person for simple get-togethers when you own a pool. While a party at the public pool with your friends and relatives involves planning and scheduling, having people over at home is often as easy as sending a text blast.

Fitness Benefits

There are tons of exercises you can do in a pool that don’t even involve swimming. Pool activities are low impact and give you a good workout. Having your own pool encourages everyone to have a healthier lifestyle.

The Privacy of Your Own Home

The best part about having your own personal pool is that you can totally be yourself and feel secure. There’s no dress code, no gawkers on the side lines, and no rowdy kids (unless you invite them yourself).

So instead of going to a public pool for your next vacation or celebration, why not bring all the pool fun and relaxation in your own home. With the numerous benefits listed here, and more, getting a backyard pool may be one of the best decisions you’ll make for you and your family.

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Having your very own backyard pool is always a fun idea. Just imagining weekend pool parties and lazy afternoons lounging around poolside will make you want one. Before you get lost in daydreams, however, don’t forget to consider some basic pool equipment that you’ll need to go with your pool.

In this post, Backyard Ocean helps you become a responsible pool owner by listing down some of the tools and equipment necessary for keeping your pool in tiptop shape. (more…)

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